Thursday, February 2, 2017

Weigh in

Today I'm prepping for an ice event this weekend in Oxford MI. I wanted to spend more time with the chassis tuning and positioning but it's good enough as is. I will need to reposition the pedals at a later date, they are somewhat too close.

The images here show my hanging meat scale and a couple of ratcheting cargo straps. As it turns out my initial weight is 136-140 lbs. I find that the scale is fairly accurate, but I always error on the heavy side by 5 lbs or so when weighing karts with it.

Still this is alot lighter than I hoped for. I think there are areas that I can add lightness to once I start on the aluminum version. But for now this will be a good prototype proof of concept "breadboard" model and will be a good platform for testing many ideas I've had over the years. Stay tuned for ice updates this weekend. -CW

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