Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Static Chassis Test

After some detail work getting the brake lines replaced and re-bleeding the brakes (i will report that in a later post) i felt like it was time to do a walk around video of just the chassis. A couple things to note in this video:

a. yes I have wheel chocks - just did a quickie video for the blog
2. the 'go anywhere seat' that is placed here is just for measuring the pedals and wheel position. eventually all that will be updated to something more visually pleasant.
d. because it's cold here (33deg F) and because the oil i'm using is 10/40 and not 5/30 like it should be, the idle is hard to set and the bugger wants to jet off into the sunset with or without me!

Here's the vid...enjoy! (cheesy soundtrack to boot!)

It was pretty funny trying to manipulate all this while one-handing my phone. Also kinda funny watching me attempting to stop the forward movement of the chassis using only the air filter as a hand grip...and even more ridiculous is the foot-on-brake action mid-video. What the heck was I thinking on that? All I can guess is that I was seeing if there was brake pressure? whatever > dumb > hilarious! -CW

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