Sunday, January 22, 2017

Status: Engine and Rear-Axle Test 1

Here is the back end all put together, tightened down, and basically ready to run. The TAV2 is rated at 6-8hp, but the engine is easily producing more than that. My throttle cable is limited in travel slightly, so I have to fine tune that, but it's a good thing since I have no RPM limiter. The mounting strategy seems to be robust, and the chain has a nice firm tension on both sides. There is a slight fuel leak at the carb - probably because I cleaned it yesterday and didn't put the cup back on 100% properly. Gotta take off and re-attach because the flywheel will cause enough spark to set that on fire.

The sound of this engine is alot like a Harley Davidson (with this header) and clearly the balance of the crank is off (stock crank). I want to get some info from Comet and GTC to find out if they have something more robust. I have a feeling that something isn't right, it should not be spinning the belt on idle. -cw

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