Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Rest of the Front End

Azusa makes plenty of high quality parts like this 10" round steering wheel. Since I want a vintage look I don't find the standard molded-PVC-over-zinc-plate look appropriate. So i decided to wrap it with something called 'suede-cording' which comes in 20ft rolls off Amazon. If i get some time I will strip off the zinc on the spokes and paint it black, the polished finish doesn't float my boat.

SIDE NOTE: At one point I had a persistent thought about doing a custom wheel (as many CK builders have done in the past) but then realized my time was worth more than having my own signature wheel, and that a few bucks would give me 90% of what I need...stress free. Maybe if I get some extra time in the future it will manifest itself into a custom wheel. For now i'm good with this design.

I managed to find this quick-disconnect steering wheel hub bracket on for $33.00 USD. I like it because it's solid, well built, and affordable.
Longacre Quick Disconnect

This feature is necessary to get in-and-out of the front part of the kart chassis without removing my legs. Its also a good safety measure to have a removable wheel in the event that your steering shaft decides to find it's way into your chest cavity. The steering column is a 5/8" rod that is slightly out of dimension so what you see here is prep for grinding off about .1" of extra material that's keeping the flange bearings from fitting.

In any case, this is what the rest of the front end looks like. -CW

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