Saturday, December 10, 2016

Steering Rack and U-Joint

ARC Racing is a Go-Kart racing fabricator and manufacturer of high-performance parts in Albany Georgia. These two steering racks are from ARC, available direct from them ( or from several online re-sellsers like and The two versions differ from a horizontal thread or vertical post. I guess it depends on how accurately your tie-rods are mounted, mine were not so I chose the vertical post edition.

Here is what the 1411 looks like on my chassis. The module is easy to mount with 3/8" shoulder bolts. Also in this picture is a u-joint. Pay no attention to my shoddy woodworking skills, there is not much glory in woodworking in this case - since I plan to use the geometry for the all aluminum version later. Think of wood as a budget substitute for what will eventually happen.

This is a cut and modified u-joint from a $5.00-USD discounted part (Spiderbox GX-150 steering link). An actual 5/8" u-joint runs in the $50.00-USD range, so this was a no-brainer. I had the opportunity to use a better fitting all-aluminum u-joint from a production mini-van steering column but decided that it would fall into the 'rare and exotic' category for those reading this looking for online discounts. Plus my ultimate goal is to show how easily attainable these parts can be, a special part from a production car would cost hundreds of dollars new which is the complete opposite. -CW

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