Saturday, December 3, 2016

Drawings / Layouts

Proportion is one of the key things in any car design. Here you can see easily where the Type-69 departs from the Bugatti Type-59. One consideration is the occupant, being physically wider than the cowl opening in comparison to the original size car. Another consideration is the width of the drive components at the back of the Kart, making the shape of the rear clip much wider and longer than the original.

Also since the front end of the 59 is much taller than the back it tends to look like it leans forward optically when in motion. The 69 has a downward shape at the front, which gives the a-line a better highlight and looks less like a freight train. Since there's no engine up there, it seems logical to assume the shape can do what it wants here. Given the option I prefer more shape on the front clip.

Depending on how the rear clip looks in real life, I may shorten it. But right now the overall length is managable in my shop. If at some point I see the potential to tighten the back end, I will try. A big consideration is the air-flow over the engine being in the back. I struggle with this both from an engineering standpoint and a design standpoint, accepting the idea that it's a simple solution for the chain drive and moving on. In my ideal world, the chain would not flex over any length and I could mount the engine at the front.

Here's an orthographic view of the layout:

Orthographic Layout

As it stands this blueprint should give you a good idea of where I'm heading and why. -CW

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