Saturday, December 10, 2016

Front End 2 : Details

Modified Azusa Spindle
In order to achieve the 'Ackerman' angle, I used some surveying line to measure from the center of the rear axle, to the center of the kingpins. Then did my best to cut/angle/re-weld the link on the kingping. This picture shows the result - which was a half-decent weld in my humble opinion. The Azusa spindles are easy to modify by comparison.

 To get all these loose parts to fit right was a process, of cutting, fitting, adjusting, re-measuring, and most of all patience. Using off-the-shelf parts without any 3D to use to measure requires patience. This view also shows a few key details, like what the spindle cut looked like prior to welding, and the 'washer plate' on the top of the axle and leaf springs. I feel like the leaf springs could have more curve here, so perhaps in the future I will make new ones from scratch that are more intended for this application. For now these work just fine. -CW

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