Sunday, December 11, 2016

Engines, Rods, and Flywheels

When I started this project my goal was to use replacement performance hop up parts to make the 212 Predator into a beast. My plan was

  • Replace the stock flywheel with an ARC billet flywheel for 212cc Predator
  • ARC billet connecting rod for 212cc Predator (not honda clone rod - its too long)
  • Increased compression piston
  • 18lb valve springs
  • Pulse valve head cover - for fuel pump
  • Number .036 carb jet (recommended)
  • mesh style oiled air filter
  • Oil sensor removed
  • RPM limiter governor removed
  • digital RPM meter
  • ARC throttle plate
  • Exhaust manifold
  • ARC billet Flywheel
ARC Billet Flywheel

Which was going to produce (in theory) 8-9 hp. I didn't want the power of the engine to put undue stress on the torque converter or belt. In the past I have seen damage done by not having the correct wall stock or pressure tension on bits of the Comet TAV2 and other versions. What happens is the bell-housing on the 'clutch-as-driven' tends to bend at the keyway. There are lots of issues with rotational velocity regarding the belt and the chain also. Eventually having a 25hp engine will cause things to disintegrate and fly about causing all sorts of mayhem and potential hospital visits. I prefer to avoid all that.

All together now
 There is a tale of woe that I could write here about the first attempt made to install all these parts but I will skip that for now. Instead here's what the engine looks like installed, 4 mounting bolts, and 8 bumper cusions above and below the chassis to eliminate vibration. The whole engine tends to rock a bit under torque, so like in the past I need to install a tension bolt to keep the engine from rocking towards the front left corner when the power is on. -CW

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