Monday, December 12, 2016

Engine Stuff

If you feel bored one day, take your engine apart. It's a good lesson in how to put things back together properly, with the correct torque values, and will give you more confidence when it comes time to modify. One thing to note is that the accurate torque values of the bolts on a Harbor Freight 212 Predator are tricky to discover. PM me if you want the proper numbers - the forums may be misleading.
Engine Apart

The Harbor Freight 212 Predator is also very easy to completely mess up permanently. In this picture from right to left top to bottom are the individual assemblies:
  • Torque Converter 'clutch as driven' can be ignored - its just in the picture
  • Case cover with bolts
  • Head cover with pulse valve
  • Crankshaft
  • Carburetor spacer w gasket
  • ARC flywheel and coil
  • Cam (shown here is a custom modded cam)
  • Carburetor
  • Main case with governor and oil sensor removed
  • Stock Piston and connecting rod
  • ARC billet connecting rod and 'flat' piston
  • Stock head with 18lb springs (yellow stripe)

The 212 is 1/5th the price of a real performance engine like the Briggs Animal. So for beginners it's a good choice.

And is based on the original (and legendary) Honda GX200, the Predator 212 has become the 'enthusiast' engine.

 The GX200 is a precise, reliable tool and is the most consistent of any small engine you can buy. Which is why it's used for more than any application in the world. Snow-blowers, generators, concrete mixers, you name it. If you want alot of torque and not alot of weight, this is what works.


If you have the means, or if you just want "the best" then the Briggs & Stratton Animal - World Formula is the engine you want. Purist's will say that its still parts fabricated in China just like the Honda and Harbor Freight blocks (possibly from the same casting companies). But the difference with the World Formula engine is that it's hand tuned by B&S racing. Suffice to say, the most powerful and reliable small racing engine that you can buy. You can option it with or without an electronic starter among other features. With some minor tuning it can generate 18hp at 7100 RPM. This thing is insane. -CW

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