Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Early Changes

Here's an older pic of the early layout prior to attaching things.
  1. The front axle is too wide, and the rear axle bearings are not mounted. 
  2. The steering rack & pinion are not located yet, 
  3. and the rear bulkhead in front of the engine box is in the wrong place. 
I made the wood chassis in a quick short burst during the summer to try and get things off-top-dead-center, and made mistakes along the way. As evident by the multitude of connecting arms laying in the front part of the chassis, I was hunting for the proper length. Like an idiot I ordered way too many of the 'kits' when I could have easily purchased a single rod length at a time. It ended up with 13.5" rods.

The oversized front axle length was a cause for concern. I purchased a 44" aluminum tube with a .375" wall hoping to trim and weld it. After it was welded the guy who did it asked me if I thought it was too ass. Yeah it was too long! So began the careful plotting to make it narrower.

The result was this spliced tube, and a 5/8" rod. I spliced it all back together and added some set-screws. It needs to be re-welded at some point (Stephen if you are reading this there's another $60 in your future), but for now I think it's OK. It's tough to tell here, but I thought I was good with these steering linkages, but they were way too short. If you look closely at this pic, it shows the threads on the HEIM joints completely exposed. Like I said, getting the right length rod at this point made all the difference. -CW

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